In Service to our Mission, DEAW:

  • Upholds dance education which includes: the elements of dance, improvisation, composition, historical and cultural context, aesthetics, criticism, technique, performance, production, and career paths.

  • Promotes dance as a basic part of PreK-12 curriculum for all students.

  • Incorporates dance as an essential element of classroom teacher professional development.

  • Supports pedagogical training in dance degree programs in higher education.

  • Cultivates partnerships among arts agencies and organizations, schools, studios, businesses, teaching artists, performers, choreographers, companies, educators, and dance professionals.

  • Provides quality professional development opportunities including: workshops, seminars, and conferences.

  • Fosters excellence in dance education through research, advocacy, and model programs.

  • Champions dance values including: community, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, perseverance, resilience, lineage, and learning in Washington State.

Members of the Board

Maya Soto

Sarah Alaways
Director of Social Media

Kimberly Holloway

Margaret Behm.jpg

Margaret Behm
Conference Director

Kechelle Jackson

Colette Rood
Director of Communications

Ciara McCormack Greenwalt
Vice President

Nico Tower
Advisory Board/Immediate Past Director of Digital Media

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1990-1992 Anne Green Gilbert
1992-1993 Mary Fogarty
1993-1995 Jack Yantis
1995-1997 Susan Wickett Ford
1997-1998 Carol Hottle
1998-1999 Daniel Johnson
1999-2000 Alan Pietsch
2000-2001 Mary Fogarty
2001-2002 Emmely Muehlhauser
2002-2004 Jackie Conrad
2004-2006 Meg Martynowicz
2006-2008 Meg Mahoney
2008-2010 Terry Goetz
2010-2012 Krissa Englebright
2012-2014 Barbara Walshe
2014-2016 Amanda Tu
2016-2018 Rochelle Rapaszky
2018-2020   Maya Soto