In Service to our Mission, DEAW:

  • Upholds dance education which includes: the elements of dance, improvisation, composition, historical and cultural context, aesthetics, criticism, technique, performance, production, and career paths.

  • Promotes dance as a basic part of PreK-12 curriculum for all students.

  • Incorporates dance as an essential element of classroom teacher professional development.

  • Supports pedagogical training in dance degree programs in higher education.

  • Cultivates partnerships among arts agencies and organizations, schools, studios, businesses, teaching artists, performers, choreographers, companies, educators, and dance professionals.

  • Provides quality professional development opportunities including: workshops, seminars, and conferences.

  • Fosters excellence in dance education through research, advocacy, and model programs.

  • Champions dance values including: community, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, perseverance, resilience, lineage, and learning in Washington State.

Members of the Board

Rochelle Rapaszky
Advisory Board/

Immediate Past President

Sarah Alaways
Director of Social Media

Maya Soto

Kimberly Holloway

Kechelle Jackson

Colette Rood
Director of Communications

Ciara McCormack Greenwalt
Conference Director/

President Elect

Nico Tower
Director of Digital Media

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1990-1992 Anne Green Gilbert
1992-1993 Mary Fogarty
1993-1995 Jack Yantis
1995-1997 Susan Wickett Ford
1997-1998 Carol Hottle
1998-1999 Daniel Johnson
1999-2000 Alan Pietsch
2000-2001 Mary Fogarty
2001-2002 Emmely Muehlhauser
2002-2004 Jackie Conrad
2004-2006 Meg Martynowicz
2006-2008 Meg Mahoney
2008-2010 Terry Goetz
2010-2012 Krissa Englebright
2012-2014 Barbara Walshe
2014-2016 Amanda Tu
2016-2018 Rochelle Rapaszky
2018-2020   Maya Soto