Save the date! DEAW’s 2017 Conference Moving Every Body: Equity in Dance EducationIMG_3322

OCTOBER 7-8, 2017
Bellevue, WA

We’ll be gathering again this year for an enlightening and empowering weekend of dancing, learning, and networking with passionate dance educators. This year, we will focus on making dance education more equitable and accessible to people from every walk of life. 

Along with experiencing workshops led by some of our state’s most influential dance educators at PNB’s brand new Francia Russell Center, we look forward to strengthening our community and exchanging ideas with all of you.

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WELCOME to the Dance Educators Association of Washington (DEAW)

We are a proud state affiliate of the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO). Membership in DEAW shall be extended to any individual or organization that subscribes to and supports the stated mission of DEAW upon payment of annual dues to NDEO, our national affiliate organization. You will have dual membership in DEAW and NDEO for one membership dues price.

DEAW supports the integration of dance education as a basic and integral component of education in the State of Washington.

Why integrate dance as a basic and integral part of education? Because dance…

  • develops neural pathways essential to language acquisition, reading readiness, and mathematical ability;
  • grows strong, healthy bodies through movement and exercise;
  • increases agility, flexibility, coordination, and endurance;
  • nourishes creativity and problem-solving skills;
  • cultivates appreciation for individual differences and cultural diversity;
  • fosters active rather than passive learning;
  • supports social skills and cooperation;
  • releases energy through positive physical activity;
  • engages the whole self;
  • is fun and engaging.

Who supports dance education? Dance educators, classroom teachers, music educators, theatre specialists, PE specialists, parents, administrators, professional dancers, resident artists, studio teachers, anyone who believes more arts inclusion improves learning! Contact Us

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