Dance Educator of the Year

IMG_2055 (2)The 2017 Dance Educator of the Year is Sheyla Mattos! Learn more about Sheyla here. Please join us in congratulating her! Sheyla will be honored for this award at the 2017 DEAW Conference.

Nomination Deadline for 2018: TBA

What: Dance Educators Association of Washington (DEAW) seeks nominations for the annual Dance Educator of the Year Award. Nominations will soon be accepted for the 2018 award. The 2017 award will be presented at the annual DEAW Conference.

Who: Nominees can be dance educators working in any setting—public schools, private studios, and university/college—and working with any age group—children, teens, and adults. Nominees should exemplify excellence in dance education and the values of DEAW. Winner of the award must be a DEAW member.

Nominations will be evaluated on the following criteria:

* Educator alignment with DEAW values and mission

* Excellence in dance education

* Advocacy for quality dance education

* Number/variety of nominations

* DEAW/NDEO membership status

(must be member to win)

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