DEAW is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to the advancement of dance education as a basic and integral component at all public and private levels of education in the state of Washington. DEAW acts as an effective voice for the dance education community in Washington State.

Originally founded in 1990, DEAW aligned with the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) in 2003.

In addition, DEAW publishes newsletters, holds workshops, co-sponsors the biennial ArtsTime Conference, and acts as a communication liaison between the state and members in regards to dance education.

The purpose of DEAW is to

  • promote dance as a basic part of the regular and special education curriculum in all elementary and secondary schools;
  • promote the teaching of dance by qualified dance educators;
  • encourage partnerships among art agencies, public and private schools, businesses, professional dancers, artists-in-residence programs, and organizations;
  • advocate and actively develop dance as a component of teacher education programs as part of the preparation of classroom teachers and specialists;
  • encourage and support a dance education component as part of dance major/minor programs in higher education;
  • support PreK–12 dance curriculum that includes the elements of dance, improvisation, and composition; historical and cultural aspects of dance; aesthetics and criticism; technique, performance, production, and careers;
  • provide quality workshops, seminars, and conferences that contribute to personal and professional growth;
  • initiate, continue, and expand research, model programs, and advocacy projects that provide a critical base from which to promote excellence in dance education;
  • promote the values of dance in the schools to the community, school administrators, and government leaders


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